Results – 2012 Manitoba Open and 2013 CDN Junior Nationals

Posted: February 6, 2013 in MWA
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Hello again weightlifting fans. After an unforeseen extended service disruption, we are back up and running again.

We will start off with a re-cap of recent competitions:


Manitoba Highlights of the 2013 Junior Nationals Competition:

Eric Mazur – 77kg Class

  • Snatch 117kg + C&J 149kg = 266kg total
  • Total tied for first, but placed 2nd in class of 11 lifters on bodyweight
  • Placed 2nd overall in a competition of 45 lifters

Karl Paterson – 85kg Class

  • Snatch 98kg + C&J 123kg = 218kg total and a 260.244 Sinclair
  • 4 for 6 made lifts in the competition
  • Placed 7th in a competitive class of 9 athletes

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